Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve
Sariska Tiger Reserve
Tal Chapper Sanctuary
Darrah Sanctuary
Sajjangarh Sanctuary
Kumbhalgarh Sanctuary
Desert National Park
Mount Abu Sanctuary
SitaMata Sanctuary

Keoladeo Ghana National Park

Sajjangarh Sanctuary

Safari Park
Herbivores like Chital, Sambar, Blue Bull, Wild Boar etc. have been reintroduced in the Safari Park to view the wild animals from dose quarters. A network of forest roads has been provided to reach different parts of the Safari Park.

Jhar Water Hole & Mahua Grove
Situated on western aspect of Bansdara hills is a perennial source of water "Jhar Water Hole", surrounded by number of ancient Mahua trees. Temple of Lord 'Shiva' is in close vicinity of this sacred grove. One can experience the effect of microclimate created by the surrounding forest area sitting at this place. During rainy season, the springs flowing through the area adds the beauty many more times.

Maharana Pratap Nature Trail
From Gorilla viewpoint one can track to Bari Lake through this nature trail and can study the beautiful geographical features of Aravali hills along with rich flora and fauna present in the area.